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Norsk English Offshore

  ClearShield is applied in several facets of offshore operations.During our first visits, ClearShield was applied to the drilling sections at the rigs. Eventually, the control towers were coated as well. The first and foremost rationale at this stage was safety only.

In the harsh offshore environment, acrid and aggressive chemicals are used daily in order to keep limescale, mud and grime at bay. It is common knowledge that residues left alone are harder to remove proportionally with time. The application of Ritec’s ClearShield System is the ideal answer, resulting in a win-win situation for safety and visibility as well as the environment.


  Left picture: "Gjøa" a new Norwegian plattform
treated with ClearShield.

Eventually, the application was moved to the processing plant. Thereby, the glass intended for the drilling shed, left the factory coated with ClearShield
This has been done repeatedly at Pilkington, as well as NOV Stavanger.

The struggle to keep offshore glass surfaces clean is a never ending battle. The latest measure in the field has been the introduction of mountaineers offshore.
This has in all earnest become the battle of Sisyphus!

That is, unless the glass is treated with ClearShield. The saline coating and degradation of the glass is actually possible to hold at bay, provided it has been protected by ClearShield!


Glass Replacement

Hydratec Systems is a full service
Glass Company specializing in offshore,

including glass replacement if required.




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